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With over a decade of experience, we create web design, software and search marketing solutions to help organisations achieve their goals and grow their brands.

Intelligent solutions that
work harder, think smarter.

We’re a full-service digital agency with knowledge, experience and a lot of love for the digital industry we work in.

Each and every one of us has a passion for what we do - be that design, development, search marketing or creative work. Your successes reflect ours and therefore we challenge you to find an agency which cares about your business more than we do.

Helping our clients move to
new horizons

Whilst other companies have diversified and most often expired, ANAXUS is still here doing what it does best: Providing clients with well designed, fairly priced, bespoke, functional websites, portals, web-based office automation softwares and SEO.

We do not outsource our work. Design and programming is handled in-house by the ANAXUS team.

ANAXUS can give you a website/portal/e-commerce store that’s both visually exciting and deals with the demands of your business, without letting anyone down. The world moves so fast, there are always new technologies emerging and it’s our job to harness them and make them work for you.

We help our clients move to new horizons and new markets, to secure new online customers and to have a professional image where it matters – in front of a world-wide audience.


Careers @ ANAXUS

We are an equal opportunities employer and we endeavour to practise our business with integrity, respecting the dignity, different cultures and rights of individuals everywhere we operate.


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