Live Chat

Live Chat Give live support from your website.

Live Video Chat

Create meaningful connections with your customers and partners with a highly personalised, immersive live video chat solution

Show off your products

Sometimes they’ve got to see it with their own eyes before they buy. Show your customers everything you’ve got on offer with live demonstrations via live, high-quality video chat.

No Downloads

Say goodbye to lost passwords and endless downloads. Say hello to one-click live video chat interactions without having to download a thing.


Out-of-the-box mobile support for mobile means that your customers can kick off video chats with you when they’re out and about and on their mobile phones.

Consult online

Expand your customer-base and start delivering your services remotely. Benefit from no-hassle, simple-to-use video chat to deliver high-quality consultations with customers from around the world.

Save time

Regain hours of your life by delivering your services online, from the comfort of your own home or office. Make traffic jams and commuting to meetings a thing of the past with live video chat.

Custom welcome messages

Make sure your customer interactions start off on the right food by customising warm, friendly welcome messages to suit the tone and style of your brand.

Real time chats

Today’s savvy online consumers need to ask questions, check options and get advice before they purchase. Make sure you’re available to answer their queries with support for real time live chat straight out of your website.

Live Chat

Instantly communicate with your partners and clients on their favourite messaging apps

Persistent messaging

When sales and other important communication happens over live chat, each message is worth its weight in gold. With Anaxus Chat, all chats are automatically saved to the chat centre, so that you can find them whenever you like.

Screen Sharing

Boost collaboration and drive more productive remote meetings with advanced, simultaneous screen sharing.

Save time

Eliminate misunderstandings that waste time and delay progress. Screen sharing helps everyone on the video chat quickly understand information so that you can move on to the next item on the agenda.

2-way screen sharing

Anaxus Chat’s advanced screen sharing capabilities supports simultaneous screen sharing so that everyone can share their screen at the same time.

Facebook Messenger

(work in progress, will be out shortly)

Engage with your customers on their favourite messaging apps

WhatsApp Messaging

(work in progress, will be out shortly)

Deliver more convenience, and more availability to your customers

Voice Message Inbox

Communicate more effectively with your clients and partners using voice messages

Safe and secure

Voice messages -- both those that you send and those that you receive -- are automatically saved to the cloud and associated with the sender in the chat CRM. Conveniently access them at any time by clicking on the voice message in the chat card.

  • Voice message communication

  • Deliver a streamlined communication experience and get the message across faster and more conveniently by sending voice messages. Cut down on time and give your fingers a break by sending voice messages over live chat

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