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2018 Trends in Website Design

2018 trends in website design are interesting to observe at the start of the year. One may expect that new websites will utilise these trends, or that existing websites may have a refresh and reskin to incorporate them. With custom website design, you can choose to have any design elements that you would like as part of your website.

This allows your business to have a modern and trendy website or perhaps you would prefer a more classic and minimalist website that better suits your brand image. Custom website design makes either of these, or a combination of the two, entirely possible. Here we take a look at three of the 2018 trends in website design that are poised to become visible throughout the coming year.

Bright and Bold Colours
As a contrast to the more muted and minimalist website designs that were popular in 2017, designs which feature bright and bold colours are expected to be the antidote to this in one of the 2018 trends in website design. Colour plays a very important part in website design as they can be used to convey feelings and emotions to visitors. They also help to set the tone and vibe of your website as an extension as of your brand and business.

We here at ANAXUS always make sure to incorporate colour correctly into our custom website designs to ensure maximum impact and maximum scope for conversions. Take for example our custom design for the Cape Town Pass website. We drew from the bright colour scheme of the South African flag to punctuate the design and add a patriotic (and picturesque) element to the custom website design.

Texture and 3-D Elements
As the internet and technology continues to overall become more immersive, so too are websites expected to. One way this is predicted to manifest within 2018 trends in website design is by using elements which convey a sense of texture and three-dimensional resonance within the design. When looking at a product online for example, having a full 360° view of the product can help to showcase it fully and therefore help to sell it.

Similarly, the likes of menus and light boxes that make an impression on a page (as opposed to simply overlaying themselves over a flat 2-D design), are poised to have more of an impact and interaction rate. By investing in stellar stock images and graphical design enhancements, your business website can add this sought after sense of texture to offer your visitors a more immersive experience.

Some website design trends of 2017 put a large focus on clean and simple, minimalistic design interfaces. While websites should always be neat to a degree and have a large focus on the UX; 2018 trends in website design lean towards relaxing this a bit by highlighting the element of asymmetricality.

This meaning that the likes of headers, menus and titles etc. can be rendered ‘off-grid’ so to speak and placed in more unique and interesting positions. This achieves a refreshing interface and usability for website visitors who are no doubt used to expecting and finding certain elements in certain positions when they browse online.

Custom website design is one of the only ways to achieve this sense of purposeful and practical asymmetrical design. Choose the highly experienced ANAXUS team when you are looking to implement cutting-edge design techniques such as this into your custom business website design.

Regardless of the above 2018 trends in website design, custom website design allows you to choose whatever you like design-wise. The expert team here at ANAXUS can build any and all stunning and responsive business websites that are poised to usher conversions to your business. Now that is a trend that we can all appreciate sticking around.

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