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Welcome to the new ANAXUS!

Many, many, months ago we set out to create a new website. One that would reflect all the changes ANAXUS has seen in recent years – from office moves, to new clients, to management changes, to service expansion to a staff that has grown not only in numbers, but in sheer depth of talent.

The new website would address all of these things. It was to focus on the work, on the people and to outline what ANAXUS strives for. With all this in mind, it’s a big day for us as we launch the new site. We’re excited to throw it out into the wild and then, well, we might all pass out and die for a bit. Because there is no labour like a labour of love and the new website has certainly been that.

Though we did want to update the look of the site, our primary concerns were about usability and user experience. Would it make sense for the user to land on a homepage that featured our client work? What was the best way to showcase our products and services, our profile, and our contact information? These were just some of the things we considered when working through the design and development process.

There are a lot of hidden gems here to be found. I’ll give you a quick tour, but don’t be afraid to have a look around yourself. I am sure there will be a few kinks throughout the site we will iron out over the coming weeks. But in the end, we just decided bite the bullet, push it live, and see what happens.

After some thought, we decided the two most useful pieces of information we could give to a visitor on our site was a short introduction to ANAXUS, and a sample of the work we have done.

People need to know what they’re looking at!

With this in mind, our Homepage begins with a brief message about ANAXUS and some of our most recent and interesting projects. We will use this space moving forward to continue highlighting some of the amazing clients and projects we have been working on, as well as important agency news and announcements.

What We Do
For me, one of the biggest flaws of the old site was the limited service descriptions. Now, not all customers are interested in this - as many will just skim read what services we provide and move on. However, for those wanting more detail, we were relying on customers to know who we were, what we did and the way we did it. This was not ideal.

The new What We Do area does a far better job breaking out not only each service area, but the services found within those departments - while also still catering to those who simply want to quickly peruse. It's a balancing act.

The work of ANAXUS has, for a long time, been our best kept secret. We didn’t do a great job promoting the projects we were responsible for, or showing our capabilities. That was our mistake.

The new Portfolio area of the website showcases a selection of clients (a small selection at present) in a much cleaner, easy to digest way. With project descriptions, insights, key facts and information about the type of work performed, we hope this helps readers understand what we do, and what we have done in a much more transparent way.

Of course, there are also plenty of other quirks and additions we’ve included in our new site, you know, just for fun. And this list by no means is all that we’ve improved and updated. But no more, take a look and explore.

Welcome to our new site!

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