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Your website is your shop window to the world!

Website Development that speaks your language.

ANAXUS does a lot more than make a website work well and look great. We also offer complete web development capabilities, from creating a simplest static single page of plain text to complex web-based internet applications, electronic businesses and social network services.

The web is constantly changing. Our adaptability means we make sure new standards are always adhered to. New technologies are not used for the sake of it, but embraced when we believe they will enhance a clients project and offer them a competitive advantage.

Needless to say, we’re up to speed the latest web technologies including ASP.NET, jQuery, PHP, WordPress, AJAX, Python, Django, DHTML, MySQL, Apache and Linux. Which if you don’t know too much about web dev, is code for ‘pretty much everything you’d expect’.

Usability & User Experience (UX)

  • For each of our design projects, we create a plan to develop a website or application that is simple, usable and beautifully designed.
  • A user should not only be able to easily navigate your website or application, but also have an enjoyable experience doing so.
  • We don’t do design for its own sake - function and design have to work together. By focussing on a users' needs, understanding their requirements and ensuring designs are fit for purpose and easy to use by everyone, we ensure our client’s business requirements are met.

Content Management

  • While traditional CMSs are good at managing content, many are cumbersome, most are uncompromising, and few actually meet the specific requirements of business problems. So we decided to build our own!
  • Equal parts content management system and custom web application builder, our CMS provides a highly flexible and powerful platform that moulds itself to any business need or requirement - allowing you to focus on usability, design, business logic and content, not on the tools that build them.

Thank you very much for your interest in our company and our services.

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